I’ve Now Lost 79 Pounds!

Feathers-t-shirtI was recently asked about my weight loss journey with Plexus Slim — what was it like, what did I do, etc. This friend said he was taking Plexus info to his doctor, and wanted to know my personal experience with it. So I thought I’d just copy/paste my (long!) response since I haven’t posted here in a while.

If YOU have any questions, PLEASE ASK ME!:-)

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I’m so glad you’ll talk to your doctor about Plexus. It has helped a lot of people, not just lose weight, but get off their insulin shots, lower their need for fibromyalgia pain meds, etc. Plexus is safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and has helped kids lower their need for ADD/ADHD meds and behave better in school. Diabetes runs in my family, and my thyroid was out of whack, so I was very thankful it helped kickstart my weight loss.

Every person loses weight differently because their issues are different. Some people have lost 100 pounds in 6 months; for others, it takes longer. I’ve also seen people whose health was SO bad off, they took Plexus Slim for 2 months and didn’t lose a pound — then lost weight beginning in the 3rd month.

Plexus Slim is not a diet, or a stomach-shrinker, or a colon-cleanse so you see quick results. The key ingredient, Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside, affects your brain — which in turn affects your hormones, which affects your thyroid, insulin, moods, energy, happiness/depression, etc.

I started Plexus Slim the end of August 2011. For me, I lost nothing the 1st week. I added the Accelerator (which has natural caffeine) and lost 9 pounds the 2nd week. I cut out all other caffeine — Diet Coke being my only vice, since I don’t drink coffee, tea, alcohol or smoke, etc. Side note — I was taking half the drink each day, and giving the other 1/2 to my daughter. I wound up losing 22 pounds in the next 3 weeks. Might have lost more if I were drinking a whole drink each day. My daughter lost 11 pounds, too.

Then I purposely went off of it for 6 weeks — I’ve lost weight on other things/diets before, but always gained it back, and I couldn’t afford to start a product that I’d have to be on forever to keep weight off. In the 6 weeks, I ate like a pig… seriously… I was trying to gain weight back to sort of prove the product didn’t work for me. I did not gain a pound. I went back on Plexus/Accelerator and lost another 10, then went off again, then back on and lost another 20. I did this on and off and lost a total of 79 pounds in a year. NOTE: I had no end goal. I was not trying to lose a certain amount of weight by a deadline. In fact, I was trying to see if I’d gain weight… I also did not do ANY “exercise” except walking around my neighborhood a couple times per day and biking to the store (1.4 miles round trip) once per week.

I’m not on it right now — I wanted to see how I’d do during the holidays, I’ve lost 5-10 pounds since being off Plexus in October 2011, even pigging out occasionally (there’s a new pastry shop you may have seen me rave about on Twitter and several great restaurants!!:-). But I’ve held steady now at this weight since Thanksgiving. This is the first time in 20 years, I’ve been able to eat literally anything and not gain weight. Of course, I don’t eat anything pre-prepared (out of a bag or box — though I buy single ingredients that come in bags/boxes like rice, oatmeal, dried lentils, etc.). I buy organic veggies when I can, seasonal vegetables, cage-free eggs, local raw honey, local milk (pasteurized by law, but not homogenized), Celtic sea salt. I use a high linoleic oil (high in polyunsaturated fat) for cooking, and I also order coconut oil (has medium-chain triglycerides, not long), etc. I eat chicken & turkey, but no red meat or pork, etc. Now, I NEVER eat at a chain restaurant or fast food place. While on Plexus last year, I was a regular at Sonic. I don’t eat their anymore since I’m moving toward being pseudo-vegetarian. The local restaurants make their food fresh — so no dangerous chemicals, fake flavors, colorings, preservatives, high sodium, etc.

In February, I’m going back on Plexus because I’m ready to get going again. I have another 50 pounds to lose, and this is the year to do it!😉

I was also like you when I first looked at the price, but then I looked at how much I was spending on my food (as my comfort drug), and it was about even. As a single mom, this was a tough time for me. But I chose to be healthy rather than feeding my pity party that would never get better if I didn’t make better choices.

So I took the Plexus (in water) with 1 Accelerator in the mornings before my morning meal. I was never hungry during the day, so I only ate when I was hungry. I ate dinner but ate a lot less than I normally did. I drank a lot of water to counter the caffeine (and no coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.), and that’s about it. I didn’t starve or do without. More importantly, it became impossible to binge. I just couldn’t eat that much food anymore. Even now, being off Plexus, I can’t binge like I used to… now “binging” is a single portion strawberry cheesecake from the pastry shop and 2 pieces of pizza… and sometimes, not even that much.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about Plexus is that it helps with other contributing factors of over-eating (for me, anyway), and that allowed me to look at my emotions, stressors, etc., and though some things I couldn’t change in my life, I can change how I deal with them, and not hurt myself in the process. I have a child to raise, after all.:-)

Anyhoo…… this is longer than I anticipated… :-)  Hope I didn’t bore you, but please feel free to ask me anything else.


43 Pounds Lost & Plexus Starter Special Offer

Just wanted to give you an update on my weight loss as well as the current Plexus promotion!

I’m now down 43 pounds (woo-hoo!), and I’m still going strong — using Plexus Slim & the Accelerator.  If you remember, I stopped Plexus (to see how I’d do), and didn’t gain any of my lost weight back!

Right now, Plexus is offering $10 off the Welcome packs until May 31st!  So if you’ve been waiting to join as an Ambassador, that $99 starter pack is only $89, and the $199 (what I started with) is only $189!

If you know ANYONE who needs to lose weight, control their sugar/diabetes, and/or earn some moolah on the side as an Ambassador, NOW is the time to get started. Just go here to sign up as an Ambassador.
Any questions?

Update on My Continued Weight Loss!

ImageWell, the holidays and being a single mom took over my life, but one thing that did NOT happen was weight gain!

After losing 33 pounds in two months on Plexus Slim and the Accelerator last Fall, I decided to guinea pig myself and do some lab experiments. Anytime 99% of people have success with something, I usually land in that 1% who gets no results. So I decided to go OFF the Plexus Slim and Accelerator for 2 months to see if I would gain back the weight I had just lost.

I ate like a pig — I really did. Lots of burgers, pizza, ice cream. After hearing one woman’s testimonial that she’d gone off Plexus for a month, ate all sorts of bad-for-you foods and didn’t gain weight, I was almost willing my body to prove myself correct — that I’d gain weight being off the product.

Two months off Plexus, and amazingly, I did NOT gain weight back. I weighed myself everyday. And while there were fluctuations (it was the holiday season, after all), at the end of two months I had not gained weight from the last day I was actually on Plexus. Apparently, the key ingredient in Plexus Slim, Oxypregnane steroidal glycoside, really does affect the hypothalamus, and ergo insulin production, in beneficial ways!

Fast forward — I went back ON Plexus Slim and the Accelerator, adding in the Bio-Cleanse to clean out my gut post-holidays. The Bio-Cleanse did not work for me (I actually gained weight on it), but again, I usually fall in that 1% group of “nothing works.”

Being on just the Plexus and the Accelerator once again, it took about a week for the weight loss to kick in. Within a week, I’d lost the weight I’d gained on the Bio-Cleanse, and was starting to see the numbers dipping below my previous weight loss. Even better, I’m off Diet Coke once again, my bad food cravings are gone, and I’m sleeping through the night.

Knowing that Plexus Slim has helped so many people with Diabetes and other ailments, I was grateful for the 33-pound weight loss, but I really was afraid I would not be able to maintain it. Thank goodness Plexus makes products that work on stubborn bodies such as mine!

And I’ll update more frequently because I know I’ll have more fabulous weight loss and health boosts to report!

Take care,


22 Pounds Down in Less Than a Month

How I gained my weight is a long story. One I’m glad to say is finished!

To say I’m elated over my weight loss is an understatement — 22 pounds by anyone’s calculations is amazing. But considering I’ve lost that 22 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks by only doing a Plexus drink and an Accelerator in the morning makes it even more incredible!

The truth is, I often don’t drink a whole Plexus drink in the morning because my daughter, Ari, occasionally wants some, so we split it. She’s 13, and wanted to lose a few pounds. (We’re Irish, so we always have a few pounds to lose:) ). So skipping a day or two, only doing HALF a Plexus drink in the morning, and the rare extra Plexus drink at night before a huge carb-heavy meal, I’ve lots 22 pounds… and Ari has lost 7 pounds.

Thank you, Plexus!!


UPDATE!  In the following few weeks, I lost another 11 pounds for a total of 33 pounds lost in less than 2 months! Read my new post on my 2-month pig-out experiment, how I survived the holidays, and what I’m doing now.

How I Gained My Weight

So here’s how I gained my weight.

My family is Irish, so we’re big-boned… big-tushed, big-hipped, big-busted… you get the idea. We’re a curvy bunch of girls. As a teenager and young woman, men ogled my Marilyn Monroe curves. Though buying clothes was always a nightmare, I was proud of my hour-glass figure.

Things changed drastically while I was pregnant with my daughter. I had severe toxemia in my lower extremities, and the doctor warned me about gestational diabetes and even pre-eclampsia. After I had my healthy bundle of joy, Ari, in 1998, postpartum depression set in due to my unhappy marriage, and the weight gain really started. I only wish Plexus Slim had been around then.

Fast forward a few years, and I’d managed to lose the weight a little at a time. I was happy and looking forward to my future with my music — I’m a writer and composer — as well as my greatly anticipated divorce. I was in the middle of a workshop that would get my music out into the world. I thought I’d found my road to happiness… Then everything changed.

The weight gain I’m dealing with now in 2011 occurred due to the stress of dealing with the rebuilding and recovery of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Before Katrina, I ate very healthily and was very proud of my regained voluptuous figure. However, because of the devastation of Katrina, we lived off donated food, military MRE’s, and whatever we could find in line at the distribution centers for months afterward. I gained a taste for sugar, salt, and carbs (which I had overcome to lose my postpartum weight gain). We were grateful to have food, don’t get me wrong, but it was the beginning of the end for me, health-wise. I was then stuck in my unhappy marriage because Katrina wiped away any chance of moving out.

The stress of it all just compounded upon everything else, and my thyroid shut down, never to budge… except to help me gain more weight. I thought it would be hard to lose the weight because I had lost it before. Except now, I was older, and — I hate to admit it — the body and hormones change as you get older. They certainly did with me. Add to that living through the worst natural disaster the United States had ever seen, it was truly insult upon injury.

For the past several years, I tried various low-carb, primal, dairy-free, gluten-free, even beef-free “diets,” but nothing kickstarted my weight loss.

I joined Plexus in August 2011 to earn money on the side (now that I AM happily a single mom!:) ), and I didn’t really think Plexus Slim could help me. But the main ingredient affects the hypothalamus which controls insulin. At the Monday meetings, I heard testimony after testimony of diabetics losing weight and getting their insulin under control. I thought, “That’s great, but I’m not Diabetic… yet.”

Diabetes runs in my family on my mother’s side. I have lasting images in my head of family reunions in Louisiana, when we’d visit my mother’s side of the family. Every time, her grandmother had had yet another part of her body amputated, till she was only a head and a torso. I definitely do not want to accept that inheritance from my family… And then there’s the heart disease and high blood pressure on my father’s side, and cancer on both.

So I tried Plexus with the Accelerator, and the first week was slow. Then it started happening. I was losing weight! After 6 years of gaining, gaining, gaining, this was the first time the numbers on the scale were going DOWN instead of creeping up.

I will absolutely stay on Plexus till I meet my goal… and probably thereafter for maintenance and overall blood sugar control.

Thank you, Plexus!


Houston, We Have a Solution!

Plexus on the Road (and in the Air!)Plexus Slim is so new, the rest of the country hasn’t heard about it. So we’re hittin’ the road (and takin’ a flight) to introduce the awesome people in Houston, Texas, to Plexus on October 14th.

We’re still working out the travel and event details, but if you know anyone in the vicinity of Houston, Dallas, Austin, et al, let me know! We want to reach as many people as possible to help them get their health on track.

Stay tuned for updates on the trip to Houston. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!


Diabetes Is Worldwide Epidemic According to U.N.

According to an Associated Press article released yesterday:

An estimated 366 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and the global epidemic is getting worse, health officials said yesterday.
The International Diabetes Federation described the number of cases as “staggering,’’ with one person dying from diabetes every seven seconds.

366 MILLION people worldwide have Diabetes? That’s more people than we have in the entire United States!

These statistics are not only alarming, but they’re a horrible testament to the lack of oversight by governments around the world in regard to our food supply and what goes in it. Sugar can take many forms, both natural and man-made: sugar (a.k..cane solids), high fructose corn syrup, frustose, sucrose, etc. These ingredients pervade the American diet both at the grocery story, in fast food, and even at our kids’ school breakfasts and lunches.

Plexus Slim is a timely answer to the Diabetes epidemic! And if you hesitated to join Plexus because you weren’t sure you’d have anyone to buy the Slim, read that article and you’ll see we have 366 MILLION people who NEED Plexus Slim NOW!

Plexus Slim Testimonials Continue to Inspire

Designed for Diabetics to lose weight, people have reported getting off insulin entirely, plus great improvement in mood swings, depression, & ADHD. The testimonials last night at the Special Guest Event were AMAZING! Here are just a few:

  • Dana M. – lost 56 pounds from January – June 2011, went off the Slim for a whole month when she went back home in July, ate “like a pig,” but did not gain any weight, & has lost another 24 pounds since being back on the Slim.
  • Mary M. – lost 40 pounds & is no longer on pain meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis that she’s had for years.
  • Christy – severe migraines are 97% gone; was diagnosed as a teenager with Crohn’s Disease but on Plexus Slim, she’s off pain meds & has no ulcers; her 13 month old son is on Plexus (5 oz/day) for severe acid reflux that burned his lungs — his doctor has taken him off all 10 reflux & breathing medications he was on.
  • Linda F. – has had Fibromyalgia for 14 years & used to take 240 Tramadol per month (2 every 4 hours, even in the middle of the night), plus Ambien & Lortab as needed; she’s now down to 1 Tramadol per month, 1 Lortab per day, & rarely takes Ambien.
  • (Gentleman – didn’t catch his name) – lost 46 pounds, had kidney cancer, & taking Plexus has kept his doctor from putting him on dialysis.

PLEASE spread the word about Plexus. Join now so we can work together to knock Mississippi (& our sister Southern states!) out of the top spots for Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Obesity!

Plexus Slim is Diabetic Friendly!

Plexus Slim is Diabetic friendly … How? Because it was designed FOR Diabetics! Plexus began as a breast health company, featuring Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream and the Breast Self-Examination Kit (a.k.a. the Breast “Chek” Kit).

Knowing that Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in our country and that research shows people who are overweight are more prone to cancer, Plexus designed Plexus Slim to help Diabetics lose weight by controlling blood sugar.

However, during their studies, Plexus discovered that non-Diabetics lost weight, too! And as more people are using Plexus, more and more testimonials are showing Plexus helps a variety of health issues.

Plexus Slim helps manage blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Some Plexus Slim users report getting completely off their insulin shots (after being on insulin for 20 years), regaining feeling in their feet after only 3 days on Plexus Slim, and even helping their kids relieve acid reflux and radically diminish behavior problems from ADHD.

And it comes with a 60 day guarantee. Plexus makes truly amazing products!


Welcome to My Plexus Page!

Hi! My name is Trish Causey, and I’m an Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, a company that specializes in products for breast health and blood sugar control.

I take Plexus Slim as a preventative since both Diabetes and Cancer run in my family.

I take the Accelerator to lose weight gained during the stressful aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I even give Plexus Slim to my daughter every morning (to curb her sweet tooth!).

Check out my site or email me to learn how you can control your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and more with Plexus. Take care!